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Don't be afraid! Just Believe
Mark 5:36


My husband, Allen, and I owned a small trucking company. With rising costs and constant breakdowns we were at our wit's ends and struggling financially. Allen was gone on the road all week and it was taking a toll on our boys.

After years of staying home with my boys, my youngest was about to start pre-k so I decided it was time to reenter the workforce to help take some of the burden off of Allen

I was looking for decor for my new office when an idea sparked. I had Allen cut the state of North Dakota out of some scrap steel, I mounted it on a board and my vision came to life.

After hanging my new "North Dakota Home" sign in my office, I had co-workers and visitors commenting on how awesome it was and asking where I bought it from.

That little spark lit a fire. I called Allen and said " I think I want to make a few on these and sell them for some extra Christmas money". When Allen got home that weekend we went to work.

I made a few ND's and a few MN's then I posted them on Facebook.

That fire exploded. The orders started rolling in, I called Allen again and told him "I have 8 orders", a few days later "I have 23 orders" then within the week I had 38 orders. After Christmas the orders continued to roll in. 

This was it, not only did we take a giant leap of faith but we did it with both feet. We decided to sell the trucking business and see if we could keep growing this business. Our goal was to get Allen out of the truck and off the road. In February 2019 Allen took his last trip.

Finally, we were a family again, all 4 of us at the dinner table every night and both of us tucking our boys in at night. 

In April 2019, I followed suit. I quit my job as an accountant and went from clean manicured hands to stained fingers and dirty finger nails.

We both look back at our journey and we feel incredibly blessed to have doing this for 4 1/2 years! 

Thank you to all of our valued customers who took a chance on a small business with a few ads on Facebook marketplace!

Allen and Laurie Kent

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Email: Laurie@madewithlovebylaurie.com