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About Us

 We are the Kent family and we started Made With Love by Laurie.

North Dakota is home for us, one day I made a simple ND state sign with home on it for my office. My coworkers kept commenting on the sign and asking where I got it. I mentioned it to Allen and he gave me a good hard push to try to sell them on Facebook. 

I spent one weekend staining, and sanding steel and trying to perfect them. That Sunday I posted the ND home and a MN home sign. My Facebook BLEW up! I called Allen in excitement that I had 11 orders, then 18, then 37. 

This adventure has turned into a full time job for Allen and I. This means so much more family time for us. Our 10 year old Dayton helps stain wood, and 4 year old Benny likes to make messes with our supplies.